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Rafiq Group is a full line distributor, manufacturer, importer and retailer of chemicals. We are serving our customers since 1972. Now almost 35 years old and we have grown into a strong team. Rafiq Group services its customers from several branch locations as ONE team providing on-time delivery.

Our customers consistently tell us that Rafiq Group offers services unlike any other in the business; specifically in the paints ingredients, and it’s what keeps them coming back year after year. Every single Rafiq Group employee has a single focus and that is to save our customers time — it’s the most valuable asset we can give them, so we deliver result of our teamwork everyday.
Our customers are like our partners, we depend on each other. Our customers are a wide range of businesses, from paint manufacturers to the government institutions that use Rafiq chemicals everyday. In addition to above we also serve consumers ranging from chemical researchers to mass producers of chemicals. Our customers depend on Rafiq for their requirements because of years of trust and well established healthy relationships.

To fulfill the diverse needs of these varied markets, Rafiq Group stocks the largest variety of high quality checmicals in major cities of Pakistan.
Paints, coatings for raw materials, resins, pigments (Organic and Inorganic), extenders, additives and solvents are just few of the many that we deliver and manufacture.

We carefully maintain our stock at all times to guarantee on-time delivery. Recent customer surveys reveal that we are the vendor of choice because of fast response to the customer's needs. All requests for quote are returned promptly, orders are processed for same day or for promised on-time delivery. Items not in inventory are transferred from another facility as soon as possible or brokered to meet the customer request.

Retail and warehouse facilities are open to the business Monday through Saturday.